I flew to Mexico for the first time in 2005 and I visited the country once or twice each year since. My favorite place is, by far, Hacienda de los Santos in Alamos, Sonora. If you've never been there, plan a trip right away, you will not regret it. So far, I landed at close to 50 airports and airstrips in Mexico, but the count will grow surely.

For a local Bay Area pilot, the natural first destination is Baja California. Depending on your type of aircraft, you might be able to reach San Felipe, which is the most convenient AOE directly and from there, continue south, for the time honored roasted pig in Hotel Serenidad, Mulege (each Saturday), unbelievable close encounters with whales in Laguna San Ignacio or Magdalena Bay or comfort of high end resorts in Cabo, knowing that these are just teasers - there is so much more to see in Baja and in Mexico.

For the last ten years, I organized annual Cirrus trips to Mexico. We had over 20 airplanes flying South, many pilots for the first time. If you are thinking about flying south of the border, contact me for trip advisories, places to visit, administrative formalities or any other questions. Check out itineraries of our last four trips. All were limited to 12 airplanes and sold in less than one day. Please contact me if you wish to be added to an email announcement list for future trips.

Flying to Mexico is simple, but somewhat different than in United States. It pays to be prepared, know what to expect and avoid any pitfalls.

Enjoy our photos from that trip