Commercial Pilot


You are probably thinking, I have no intention of becoming a professional pilot, so what’s the point of the commercial certificate? You are not alone. None of the pilots that I trained did it to work as a pilot, but all wanted to become better pilots. I like to call that certificate private pilot on steroids, it teaches maneuvers and knowledge areas to higher standards and higher precision so that you become a true master of the aircraft.

You should get commercial certificate because it will allow you to:

  • Experience joy of basic airmanship after instrument rating
  • Practice visual flight maneuvers designed to demonstrate skills at handling airplane
  • Increase your ability to make the airplane do exactly what the pilot wants
  • Learn intuitive control of energy and of coordination
  • Explore edges of flight envelope

But most importantly, because it is


Flight maneuvers

Here is a comparison of private and commercial maneuvers


Oral emphasis areas

  • Commercial operations and required operator certificates
  • Airworthiness requirements and operations with inoperative equipment
  • Cross-country flight planning
    • Performance and loading at airplane limits
    • Reacting to changing conditions
    • Passenger considerations
  • System operations, in particular
    • Anti- and de-ice systems
    • Pressurization
    • Oxygen systems
  • Aeronautical Decision Making