We flew to Florida and Bahamas in June 2016. This was a 6,000 nm, 40 hours Hobbs trip. It took us a day and half to cross the continent; Cirrus is a formidable travel machine. We had an almost-emergency over Melbourne, FL, landed at Miami International, visited South Beach, flew to Everglades for an airboat tour, saw Marathon and Key West before continuing to Bahamas.

Bahamas cover about 100,000 square miles, have roughly 700 islands and 2,000 smaller islets and cays. While the total population is about 380,000, 70% of people live in the capital, Nassau, which leaves many other islands sparsely populated. Unless you have a boat or an airplane, many of them are hard to reach, which made it an ideal vacation spot for us.

Travelling in a light airplane to Bahamas is a dream come true. Sandy beaches, transparent and warm water, great food and drinks and 58 airports. I envy people on the East Coast to be so close to Bahamas.

Enjoy our photos from that trip