In July 2009, we flew our Cirrus to Alaska. The trip was organized by a company Let's Fly Alaska, which sadly doesn't exist anymore, after the founder perished in an accident. We had a 10 airplane group, including 2 Cirri; the map to the right shows our itinerary. This was 5,500 nm, 40 hours Hobbs trip through Yukon, Canada to Fairbanks, than up to Deadhorse on Beafort Sea and back to Anchorage, Yakutat, Ketchikan and Seattle. We've seen Alaska Range really close, bears, moose, overflew majestic glaciers and enjoyed getting nice suntan at midnight. We flew in a loose formation, half a mile in trail and often times took off and landed with 4-6 airplanes simultaneously on the same runway!

I returned to Alaska in 2015 to participate in Bush Pilot training course at Alaska Floats. We flew a Piper TriPacer on large bush tires and landed on unimproved strips and on river sandbars. Flying around the majestic Mount Denali was an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy our photos from that trip