Home Field

I learned to fly at the Palo Alto airport in a trusted Cessna 152 and we keep our Cirrus at the San Carlos airport. KSQL is located 8 miles south-east from San Francisco, right under 1,500 feet class B shelf and Palo Alto is 7 more miles out. I teach at both airports.

The slides show the three most spectular airports where I landed so far. Each of them is a treat and if you ever have an opportunity, make sure you don't miss it.

The map below shows all airports where I landed, as Pilot in Command, not as passenger on board a commercial aircraft. Small lump on the right shows airports in Europe, where I flew in 2016 to obtain EASA license. In 2017, we did an extraordinary trip through South Africa, which shows on the bottom right and in 2018, we flew to Colombia and Ecaudor in South America.

Please visit my blog to read about those adventures and contact me with any questions about flying internationally.